Our 2 year old drummer from Speak Life 2.0 goes viral

Have you seen this??!!!!  Lennox, our 2 year old drum prodigy, playing drums with us to our newest single "I Can" has gone viral across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!  This is so crazy because God totally orchestrated this and it took off beyond anyone's wildest dreams.  He's kinda known to do that though!  You know, Ephesians 3:20 and all!  


So here's the scoop to how it all went down: 

Christopher Michael, Kiki and their son (Christian Malachi) were heading down to Alabama to celebrate Kiki's Great Grandmother's 100th Birthday (totally cool in and of itself, right?).   Shintara Nicole and her son Lennox had plans that weekend to go to New York, but the plans fell through, so Shintara ended up traveling with Chris and Kiki to Alabama.  (Whitney was resting up at the time since she was preparing to give birth to the newest Speak Life 2.0 addition, Dominic II.)  While relaxing at the hotel that Friday evening, Christopher Michael, Kiki, and Shintara Nicole decided to join around the fire pit with family and have a little acoustic worship.  After a few songs, they went into "I Can" and Lennox went into his normal drum accompaniment.  (He's actually been playing drums (and this song) since he was a 1 year old!)  Although they talked many times about trying to catch it on camera, it had never been captured until this one very special night.  K'miya Brownlee (Kiki's sister) was there at the impromptu acoustic worship, and in her astonishment of Lennox, she captured this boy wonder on her Snapchat!  Shintara Nicole shared the video on her FB and then EVERYONE starting sharing the video. And as they say, the rest is history!  


Thanks to Lennox's drum skills, God's divine orchestration and favor, and many supporters, our song "I Can" has been reaching and touching 10's of millions of people across the world.  Praise God!  We're overwhelmed with the responses and we're so grateful and excited for the future of our talented Lennox.  As we continue with interviews, press releases, and so much more, we thank God who causes all things to work together for the good of them that love Him and are called according to His purpose.  Stay tuned for more exciting news to come soon...  


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